Huntsman, Maybe?

Posted date: 2011-11-10

Posted By : Marc

I recently wrote about my wish that Romney get the nomination. Unfortunately, he has made a point of bending over backwards lately to prove right wing nut credentials. I still think he would be a competent president, but I would probably not vote for him.

More recently, I have been looking at Mr. Huntsman. While still a long shot, he seems to be the only one in the race with any integrity. Like Romney, he seems to at least understand the issues. Like Romney, he seems electable versus Obama. He has a long history in politics, dating from the Reagan Administration through the Obama Administration. He has seen foreign service with appointments to Singapore, Indonesia, and China. He has been a governor and a CEO, both of which seem to excite the right wing nuts.

Some might claim that the religion he shares with Romney may be a weak point. I would argue that, unlike the case of its Christian forebears, at least the con man who founded the Mormon church was an American. Where the money skimmed from gullible Catholics ends up in Rome, the money skimmed from gullible Mormons remains in the United States.

Yes, I think if Huntsman gets the nomination, I will vote for him.

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Huntsman is not as shameless a panderer as Romney and Gingrich are. I wouldn't be overjoyed if one of those three won the presidency, but they are immeasurably superior to the rest of the Republican field. Bottom line, I'm not sure a Huntsman or Romney or Gingrich presidency would look all that different from an Obama one.
Author: marc Date: 2011-11-23


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Yeah, that's the unfortunate truth. At this conference I recently attended, this right wing loon I had lunch with insisted that liberals (or, as he called them, those who hate America) are hoping for Huntsman or Romney so the can begin a hatefest on their stupid religion. I said that was not likely. I didn't feel like getting into it, or I'd have told him I found their stupid religion no stupider than Obama's or Scalia's.

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