The End of Fall

Posted date: 2011-12-02

Posted By : Marc

The sky had lightened to the hue of early twilight. Rather than the fiery bands of color that often accent the eastern skyline after dawn, the cloud cover left everything dull blue to gray. The shoulders of the jagged peaks of the Organ Mountains were draped in a flowing ashen shawl. A crashing wave was nearly frozen in place surmounting the spires. As I approached the mountain pass, even the mightiest peak succumbed to the flow. From the vantage of the pass, all elevations over a mile disappeared cleanly into the dense blanket above. Some 50 miles to the east, the far mountains were bathed in light even as darkness lingered on the valley floor. The howling winds of night had given way to a gentle breeze bearing the faintest hint of impending snow. Winter is upon us.

Author: G. Chavez Date: 2011-12-03


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Sounds like a passage out of "Leaves of Grass"! Great writing!!!!

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