Rio Grande Zoo

Address: 903 Tenth Street SW Albuquerque NM
Phone: (505)764-6200
Directions: The main entrance is rather hard to see. It is hidding behind a school tennis court. Once the visitor look pass the tennis court, one can arrive there easily.

The Albuquerque Zoo is the biggest zoo in the region. Located on a lush bank of Rio Grand, the park is about 64 acres and offers homes to a few hundred animals of various species. Some of major attractions are elephant, lion, tiger, polar bears, giraffes, koalas, gorillas, etc. Besides the exhibits of various animals, it also offers nature explore zone and playground for kids of different ages, a concert park where musicians play beautiful melodies, and picnic areas for family get together and other social gatherings. Most of all, it is a place of ambiance and solace. The tall cottonwood trees thrived and protect the whole area from the blazing New Mexico Sun like a giant green canopy. The smooth splashing sound from the fountains and waterfalls relaxes the visitors. Of course, it is great place for kids and family fun.

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