Bottomless Lakes State Park

Address:  Roswell NM
Phone: (575) 624-6058
Directions: From Roswell, head east on US 380. Turn right at Bottomless Lake Road or Co Rd 409, take right at Park Service Road, and stay on Park Service Road until reach Lea Lake Campground entrance at the right.

The Bottomless Lakes State Park consisted of seven lakes of varying size: Cottonwood Lake, Mirror Lake, Devil’s Inkwell, Figure Eight Lake, Lea Lake, Lost Lake, and Pasture Lake. The largest and the deepest is Lea Lake. Amenities include campgrounds, shelters, tables, restrooms, showers, playgrounds, and water-recreation areas. The water-recreation area actually offers pedal boat rentals on one side, and a shallow, kid-friendly beach with life-guards on the other. The area is surrounded by picnic tables complete with overhead cover. The water is clear with gentle waves padding softly on the sandy ground. It is like a little paradise in the middle of nowhere.

Our first visit to the site was August 2009. We first stopped at the Devil’s Inkwell, where the pool was deep green and we found a skunk having a casual swim. It seemed to be enjoying itself immensely. Departing from the Inkwell, we reached the Lea Lake recreation area, and drove to our camp site. It was a nice large site with an electric outlet and a hand water pump. The oversized shelter offered shade to the concrete bench and table. Once we settled down, however, we found the place was infested with mosquitoes. We lit the mosquito repellent immediately.

Later, we took a leisurely walk towards the lake. There were people pedaling boats on the lake as well as swimming along the beach. The shallow beach was packed with families and it reminded me so much of Lydgate Beach in Kaua'i. The little guy had fun swimming there.

Once we were out, we went back to the tent, lit the camp fire and grilled some beef, jalapeño, sausage, and corn on the BBQ grill. We ate plenty while watching the spectacular sunset over the lake’s glassy surface.

As soon as sun disappeared, however, the area was clouded with mosquitoes. The swarm of blood-suckers were no longer discouraged by the mosquito repellent. They attacked us mercilessly from all directions, and chased us into our tents. Despite our quick retreat, a handful of them managed to enter the tents and left angry red patches all over our faces and bodies.

This definitely is ab enormous drawback for the place. Unless we can come up with some good solution, I really doubt that I would camp there again. But, aside from the tiny flying horrors, the place is definitely a great summer gateway.

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