Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Address: 3225 National Parks Highway Carlsbad NM
Phone: (575) 785-2232
Directions: One can either take US 62/180 from Carlsbad, NM or from El Paso. At the Cavern sign, take Walnut Canyon drive, a seven-mile scenic drive, to reach the parking lot and the visitors' center.

Regular Hour – Labor day to Memorial Day: 8:00am to 5:00pm
Summer Hour – Memorial Day to Labor Day: 8:00am to 7:00pm

Carlsbad Cavern National Park contains one of the world’s largest caverns. With the exception of December 25th, the park opens year around. The park was operational since May 14th, 1930.
Upon obtaining the entrance pass, the visitor would follow a curving path that leads further and further down into the dark depth of the cavern. Near the entrance, visitors can view thousands of bats there. As one descending further down, the giant opening slowly became smaller and smaller, eventually completely dissolved into the darkness. The ground is lit by light from point to point. Along the path, various limestone formations created some bizarre yet beautiful displays. Some resemble mushrooms, some resemble little people…

The Big Room, is about 4,000 feet long, over 600 feet wide and over 300 feet tall, is considered the number seven largest cave in the world.

Some areas of the cavern has water pool cool to touch, some led to crumpling paths that visitors can no longer visit, some led down into the bottomless pit…

The cavern is several miles walk downward. The good news for the people out of shape is the way back is simply. One can take the several long minutes ride in the elevator and finally reach the visitor’s center.

There are a over 100 caves in the Park, but only two are open to the public. The Carlsbad and Slaughter Canyon Cave. The Slaughter is still in its primitive stage and only guided tour are offered. The Lechuguilla Cave, which many claim to be the most beautiful cave in the world, is still hidden from the public. Only the BBC series Planet Earth offered glimpses into that strange and magnificent world.

At dust, when weather permits, one can sit outside and witness thousands of bats fly around, chasing for bugs, and eventually retreat back into the cave.

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