Ghost Ranch Education Center & Convention Center

Address:  Abiquiu NM
Phone: (505)685-43333
Directions: Located on the Highway 84, west of Abiquiu, NM.

When I think about Ghost Ranch, two things came up: the retreat for the famous painter Georgia O’Keeffe and the death pit where hundreds of fossil reminds of Coelophysis.

Located between mile markers 225 and 226 along Highway 84, the Education Center has a small garden. There were various cultural and historical displays, along with some prints from Georgia O’Keeffe. The most intriguing things were various birds that are sheltered here among the trees. From the beautiful purple throat humming bird, western meadowlark, to larger black-headed grosbeak. They made the place alive with their songs and the fluttering of their colorful wings.

The Convention Center resides along the basis of the red sandstone mountain. It is tucked nicely in a green valley where trees and grasses grown. On the back were the adobe guest house. The front were museums and gift shops. We walked around the area, the museum is very small. One thing stood out was a large crate of mingle reminds of Coelophysis fossils. They are mixed among the red dirt and hardly distinguishable. But among the bones, you can see pieces of jaw bones, legs here and there. It is truly amazing to image the number of these creatures all piled up like this.
The house where Georgia O’Keeffe stayed, of course, is closed to the public. But among many others, the area looked peaceful and serene. With a large bull skull skeleton hang on one wall, one could only image the former painter picked up the brushes and attempted to capture this beautiful surrounding with it.

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