Lake Roberts

Address: Gila National Forest Silver City NM
Directions: From Silver City, follow NM 90 all the way until it forked. One direction is to Gila Cliff Dwellings, the other is to Lake Roberts. Take NM 35 and the lake is on the right hand side.

Lake Roberts is one of the most beautiful man-made lakes. Hiding in the Gila Wilderness, the Lake can only be accessed via a thin, winding roads that two cars are barely able to pass at the same time. Once you arrived the area, the Lake and its surrounding is displayed in front of your eyes like a giant canvas. Surrounded by the lush green trees such as pines, junipers, and oaks, various flower shrubs, and other vegetations, the lake shines with a deep hue of blue. Not only it is serves as an escape from the summer heat, from the desert sun, but also from city and people. The place is under a spell of serenity that is seemed that it seems as a world of its own. People enjoy many activities here ranging from water sports to leisure hiking and meditation.

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