Catwalk National Recreation Trail


There are many activities one can enjoy around the area:

Backpacking -  For more advanced hikers, the hiking trail continues at the end of the park trail. Following the flow of Gila River, you can hike all the way to the Visitors' Center. Hikers must be aware that the trail will cross water many times and you will get wet. Along the trail, there are also some natural hot spring soaking pools. Be careful of wildlife, and try to avoid startling any rattlesnakes you might encounter.

Camping and picnicking -  The park has picnic tables and many picnic areas. There are several primative camping sites close to the entrance of the park.

Hiking -  The trail is only a little over a mile. The path is paved and well-built. It offers breath-taking scenery along its course.

Pets -  The park is also pet friendly. As long as they are leashed, dogs can roam around the area freely.

Sight-seeing -  This place is really both a natural and a man-made wonder. Imagine driving down the road on a hot New Mexico day, driving past a small bridge with shallow running water, until you reached a narrow canyon covered with trees. Once you enter the park, the temperature drops appreciably. You have the blue sky over you, two impressive rock walls surround you, green shrubs and trees envelop you, and the fast running water laps merrily under your path... It is quite a hide-away.

Swimming -  For those who are not imtimidated by cold mountain water, there are several places to jump in. There are even some deeper areas where you can dive from the rocks. For the most part, the water is shallow and it is safe for kids to play with adult supervision.


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