El Vado Lake State Park


There are many activities one can enjoy around the area:

Biking -  for bikers of all ages, the area has many paths and trails. Some of the areas of the Chama trail might be a bit steep for biking, though we ran across a guy who actually reached the top of the mountain with his bike.

Boating -  all kinds of boats frequent the lake from man-powered rubber rafts to jet skis to large motor boats. Kayaking and canoeing are also favored here (but not too close to the water skiers).

Camping -  from well established camp sites to primitive camp sites, El Vado Lake has much to offer for the campers. With the exception of wind, the simplest tent can make for a cozy stay. (Note: the night-time wind can really howl. Anchor well.)

Fishing -  fish like rainbow fry, brown trout, and kokanee salmon can be found here. Many catches of large sized fish have been reported.

Hiking -  the scenic trails around offer moderate hiking for all ages. There are many scenic spots to enjoy without be able to reach the end of trail.

Swimming -  though the lake is a bit too cold for me to swim in, others may find it quite enjoyable. Kids of all age were swimming near the beach. I figure during the middle of summer, maybe even I would get the urge to jump in.


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