Faywood Hot Springs


There are many activities one can enjoy around the area:

Horse Riding -  Horseback Riding & Lessons can be found about half a miles away. Call Sid Cates 505-536-9663 for more information.

Hot Mineral Bath -  

Soaking in the hot mineral water during a cool day is extremely satisfying. The water is free of undesirable odors and smooth to the skin. The tubes are surrounded with lush green vegetations. During the day time, the best hour is the early morning when the sun just comes out. The whole area is covered in a light yellow misty. There are the chirpings of birds and the sounds of running water in the background. The bright ripples on the surface of the pool and the green lush vegetation make the pools more inviting.

Night soaking is a total different experience. The surrounding area is dark. The only sounds are the crickets and the lapping water. The whole sky is displayed in front of you like a giant dark canopy, where stars, like bright diamonds, shiny and bright. With moon spills a faint glow on the ground, some garden light among vegetations, the whole area is like under some magic spell.


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