White Sands National Monument


There are many activities one can enjoy around the area:

Full Moon Special -  During Full Moon nights, the park offers extended hours for people to come and enjoy the beautiful view of the full moon. Reflecting the brilliance of moon, the whole area glows with an eerie blue light. The evening light is bright enough to read books. The park also offers storytelling, dance performances and music during these special days.

Lake Lucero Tour -  About once a month, the park offers tour to Lake Lucero, the origin of the formation of the gypsum sand. Depending on the proximity to the full-moon time, one can either see a big lake shining brightly among desert landscape, or a soft muddy ground that one can actually walk a great distance without seeing a drop of water. The whole area is covered with shining gypsum crystals. Some of the ground has collapsed into arroyos, exposing hundreds of crystal blades. Here one can enjoy walking around leisurely or listen to the rangerís presentation about the area.

Meteor Shower or star watch -  Because the park is far away from cities, it is a great place to watch the constellations on the dark sky. The park sometimes offers late hours to accommodate such events.

White Sands Hot Air Balloon Invitational -  Once a year, balloonists from around the area gather here to show off their beautiful balloons. The colorful balloons are accentuated by the white background, making for a fantastic photo opportunity.


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