Sandia Tramway


There are many activities one can enjoy around the area:

Dining -  Resting on the top of the tramway, High Finance Restaurant and Tavern is a high class steak house in ambiance and romantic atmosphere. Imaging dining under the star while the whole city lay underneath of you. On the bottom of tramway, still half-way up the mountain, is the Sadiago Mexican Grill at the Tram. The atmosphere here is friendly and casual. While all the waiters and waitress here are wearing Hawaii shirts, the whole place is colorfully decorated with a tropic theme.

Hiking -  The top of the mountain has many hiking trails. Some lead to the other peaks, while others lead to the bottom of the Sandia mountain. The sides that are facing the tramway offers great view to the valley at any given point. One can stand on top of the hundred feet drop cliff and looking down at the whole valley. The vegetation various from pine trees on the top to short shrubs on the bottom.

Ski -  The place has many ski areas for both dare-devils and novices. The life that is on the opposite of the tramway also offer a great view of the city in a different angle.


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