Lake Roberts


Camping: the lake offers a good sanctuary for people. Many people enjoy camping around the lake. One side of the lake has RV parking, BBQ grills, restroom and water. Along the lake, there are many areas that offer primitive camping as well. Once can enjoy great scenery while stay at any of the place overlook the lake. It also offers a great way to look at star in the jet black night.

Cabin: staying at the Cabins of White Deer (formerly known as Lake Roberts Cabin) is another great way to enjoy the area. The fees for stay in those cabins are fairly reasonable. The rooms are cleaned and based on the lodging fees, each cabin is equipped differently. Pine is located on the other side of the cabin site; pretty much stand by itself, while Elm, Maple, Spruce, Cedar, Oak are pretty much in the same area. Some have their own refrigerators, range oven, and television, while others donít have many amenities. The cabin is within a short walking distance from the lake. It is also surrounded by trees and the quietness.

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