Rainbow Pyrite Septaria

Name Rainbow Pyrite Septaria
Scientific Name Pyrite
Category Minerals & meteorite
Origion Russia

Background of Rainbow Pyrite Septaria

The septaria concretions are concretions containing angular cavities or cracks (septaria). The concretion could be from all different types of minerals. The common ones are with sand, or sometimes crystals. The rainbow pyrite septarias are very rare. The rainbow pyrite is a relatively new gemstone recently discovered in Russia. The material comes in the form of “drusy”, the a term literally means covered with a large number of minute crystals. It offers a shimmering rainbow of colors, including shades of cold, green, rosy pink, and blue.

Physical Description:

The septaria is about 3.5 inches in diameter. It weights 18.5 oz. The exterior is rather dull looking and shaped like an orange. The inside is richly filled with an arrange of dazzling colors ranging from gold, copper to blue. It shines and dazzles in all angles, and make it quite mystic to look at. No wonder some people fashion this type of drusy into various jewels.