Name Stilbite
Scientific Name Hydrated sodium calcium aluminum silicate NaCa2Al
Category Minerals & meteorite
Origion India

The name Stilbite comes from Greek stilbo, meaning luster in allusion to the pearly luster.

It is probably most popular zeolite mineral for collectors. Stilbite crystal can aggregate together to form a structure like wheat sheafs. It looks like several crystals stacks parallel to each other with the tops and bottoms fanning out while the middle remins thin. Its color is usually pink, white, tinted yellow and red.

Physical Description

The specimen is consistly mainly three large clusters along with some smaller clusters. Each cluster has light peach colored crystal sheafs, and gives a impression of flowers. It is about 3.75 X 2.24 inches. The largest cluster is about 1.5 inches long. It weights 14.9 oz.