Chrysanthemum Stone

Name Chrysanthemum Stone
Scientific Name Chrysanthemum stone
Category Minerals & meteorite
Origion China

Background of Chrysanthemum Stone

The Chrysanthemum stone is a black and/or white rock made up of Gypsum clay, Dolomite and Limestone, with internal crystals of calcite, Feldspar, Celestite or Andalusite in patterns that similar to the Chrysanthemum flowers or Star Bursts or Snowflake crystals. These stones can be found in Japan, Canada, China and USA.

Collecting Chrysanthemum Stone

White most of Chrysanthemum stones found in the west are composed of small flowers, the Chinese Chrysanthemum stones are usually composed of much larger crystallized flowers. As their popularity increases, they are used not only as decorations, but some people even consider them to have mystical powers.

Physical Description

The matrix is dark black limestone and the flower is actually an embedded Andelusiste crystals, an aluminian silicate. It is about 2.75 x 2.10 inches and weights about 5.3 oz.