JingDezhen Ceramic – Still life singing cricket

Name JingDezhen Ceramic – Still life singing cricket
Scientific Name
Category Arts and Crafts
Origion JingDezhen, China

Historic Background of JingDeZhen Ceramic

Ever since 15th Century, Jingdezhen earned its reputation within the ceramic industry, its beautiful and intricate products adored the royal chamber of the emperors as well as some of the high officials. Whereas genuine porcelain was not produced in Europe until the 18th Century. From the late Ming Dynasty through the early Qing Dynasty, chinaware (with Jingdezhen as synonym) sold well in Europe and around the world. Known in some regions as white gold, porcelain wares were popular with families of both aristocratic and common background. Now, with its title as the “Porcelain Capital” of China, more and more new generation of artists and crafts people from Jingdezhen have become well-known around the county. Their arts and crafts are usually treated as private collectibles. In many occasions, high officials visiting China were presented with Jingdezhen ceramics as gifts.

Collecting Jingdezhen Ceramics

In the US, unless there is some special expo or show, Jingdezhen ceramic is rather hard to find. Though thousands potteries and ceramics can be found in various Chinese shops, very few of them are from the famous pottery capital, let along from famous artists. The best way to collect them is to attend one of the International Ceramics expos or shows. There, user can gain some knowledge about ceramics as well as purchase some of these collectibles.

Physical Description

The porcelain is beautifully done by a famous artist who had won several national ceramic awards. The piece depicts vividly a cricket, with its long antenna raised, posing on the edge of a pair of cucumbers as if it was singing. The pair of cucumbers are newly formed, with their yellow flowers still attached on the tip. On the back, a pure white chrysanthemum flower seemed to just opened, with it curly petals extended.

The detail of the piece is just breath-taking. With each of the delicate petals of the chrysanthemum individually and skillfully created by hand, the piece has no other alike. The life-size cricket with its fragile antennas is so lively that it seemed to be jumping out at any moment. Overall, the piece is a little over one and half foot tall and sits snuggly within a nice case.