African Violet

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Name: African Violet
Scientific Name: Saintpaulia-Ionantha Hybrids
Family: Gesneriaceae

Soil: Scotts Potting Soil.
Sun: Semi-shade, indirect light is good.
Water: Never water the African Violet directly. Try not to have the water touch its delicate leaves. Put the whole pot inside a water tray and fill the try with water. The plant will absorb water from the bottom.
Fertilizer: I use diluted Schultz's African Violet Plus. During summer, I feed it once a week.
Care: The leaves of the African Violet are very delicate. Handle them with care. Try not to shake the plant.
Tips: The leaves of the African Violet can be used to propagate. Simply put it in moist soil and it will grown.


After a friend's African Violet had grown too big for its pot, she split it into several small pots and gave one to me. At the time, I didní»t know how to take care of it and was very afraid that it will die on me. She told me it is easy, just remember not to water from the top. I followed her instructions and my purple African Violet has grown to a rather healthy size. It flowered continuously for several months.

Unfortunately, when moving to a new office, I accidentally dropped it. As the pot hit the ground, almost all of its tender stems broke and it lost almost all its leaves. Though it is able to recover and continue grow leaves, it will not flower for a while. That was a tough lesson learned.

I put a single fallen leaf into a pot where one of my orchids is growing. For several weeks now, it has remained green and I think it is establishing a root system underneath.

I purchased a second African Violet recently, this one is pink in color. It should continue to flower for a while.


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