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Name: Carnations
Scientific Name: Dianthus Caryophyllus
Family: Caryophyllaceae

Soil: I planted them in a mix of sandy soil with garden soil.
Sun: They have very high heat tolerance. Though facing East, my carnation enjoys the sun as much as the irises.
Water: During the summer, I water them according to the local watering schedule: three days a week using drip system as well as splashing them down with water hose once a while.
Fertilizer: I use bloom booster fertilizer in the spring, and regular Miracle Grow for the summer.
Care: This plant grows rather well here with very little care.
Tips: Each year before flowering season, I would pile top soil around their roots. This gives them a boost. Be sure to trim your carnation bush before spring. This helps new shoots as well as flowering buds to form.


Sometimes I think it is good to cut off some flowering buds to encourage flower size. My carnations put up a big show during early spring, turning the flower bed shades of pink and red. Their fragrance can be smelled from inside the house. However, the flowers only come with single layer of petals (I thought I had ordered the multi-layered variety). It is either missing something or it just has way too many buds (or maybe the flowers have mutated into single-layer).

Other than that, my carnations have proven very hardy and easy to grow. One exception is that its bushes resemble some nice cool beds for my dogs and my small white carnation was crushed by the dogsĄ¯ weight and it never came back again. Now they are too large to be crushed by the dogs, the red and pink ones have been blooming every year.



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