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Name: Miniature Orange, Dwarf Orange, Orange, Lemon
Scientific Name: Citrus
Family: Rutaceae

Soil:Citrus prefer acidic soil. I use Miracle Grow for Potting Plans.
Sun: In order to see to form nice flower and have fruits, it needs abundant sun light. But one has to be careful not to burn the plant by leaving it with too long an exposure.
Water: If placed outside during the hot days, water it few times a week. Water thoroughly each time. It is preferred to water either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Otherwise, water spots and sun burn can appear on the leaves.
Fertilizer: I give it MiraAcid as well as the soil for acid-loving plants. Since I have heard nothing but good things about Dr. Qs Citrus Food, I will also give it a try.
Care: The citrus are rather easy to take care. The one thing is dislike most is cold weather. Be sure to move them somewhere warm during on cold days. On hot summer days, spray them with mist.
Tips: During late spring when the night no longer dips under 50 degree and after the last cold snap, take the citrus trees outdoors where they can enjoy rich sun light. This can help them grown tremendously. Just remember to bring them back inside when the days get cold. Also, to avoid losing too many of those nice and beautiful flowers as well as the young fruit, try to take it indoors when wind storms hit. Even during the winter, take them outdoors when the weather is mild, otherwise, the plant might flower through winter and produce little fruit.


I have always loved citrus plants. It often brings back memories from my childhood. there were a few orange trees behind the hospital where my mother worked. I went there a sometimes and picked some leaves. I put them in a book to let them dry. They made very neat bookmarks.

The whole citrus plant has a unique aroma. Even nowadays, many products try to mimic its smell. The citrus leaves have a cool and refreshing scent while its white flowers are so fragrant that when it abundant, the sweet smell overtakes the whole house, and it can be smelled rooms away.

Currently I have two oranges and one lemon on my porch. All of them are growing in pots. I put them on the east facing porch where they can enjoy full morning sun while being sheltered from the afternoon scorch. Since the outdoor air is very dry and hot, I try to water them at least every other day during the hottest days. They have flowered continuously since early spring and several nice juicy fruits have formed. One thing that worried me a bit was that one of them had been carrying quite a bit of fruit, some of the older leaves turned yellow and fallen off. But after checking some internet forum, I found that this is normal as long as the process only occur on old leaves.

I am looking forward to adding a kumquat and a pomelo to my collection next year.


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