Michelia Macclurei

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Name: Michelia Macclurei
Scientific Name: Machelia Macclurei
Family: Magnoliaceae

Soil: I put it in the same soil mixture as the I used for my michelia alba (a mixture of pine needle, perlite, pine bark, Miracle Grow water control potting soil, and some organic fertilizer).
Sun: As long as it is protected from the afternoon sun, it seemed to enjoy partial sun behind one of my jasmine plants.
Water: Since it is found in the tropics, I keep the soil moist at all times.
Fertilizer: I used some of the Dr. Qs Food for Acid Loving Plants and some organic fertilizers.


Very little is known about this plant that I cant really give detailed description.  I got mine through an online store at Oregon.  The only little fact I gathered on the plants is it is an evergreen shrub.  The blooming season is from sometime around March to April.  Its flowers are creamy white with intensely fragrant.  It enjoys abundant sun light, high humidity and acidic soil.  It does not like drought, pollution, and wet feet.  So it is better to have a nice well-drained soil and watered it often.  I let mine stay in a pot, without a dish tray to prevent wet feet. 

Unfortunately, for some strange reason, my dogs really like to chew it. Twice I rescued it from them. It came back under my care. The third time, however, it didn't come back. I think I have lost it.


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