Michelia Skinneriana

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Name: Michelia Skinneriana, Improved Banana Shrub
Scientific Name: Machelia Skinneriana
Family: Magnoliaceae

Soil: I put it in the same soil mixture as the I used for my michelia alba (a mixture of pine needle, perlite, pine bark, Miracle Grow water control potting soil, and some organic fertilizer).
Sun: As long as it is protected from the afternoon sun, it seemed to enjoy partial sun behind one of my jasmine plants.
Water: Since it is found in the tropics, I keep the soil moist at all times.
Fertilizer: I used some of the Dr. Qs Food for Acid Loving Plants and some organic fertilizers.


Michelia Skinneriana is very similar to Michelia Figo, a more common variety of banana shrub found in the US.  Compare to M. Figo, M. Skinneriana blooms more profusely and is believed to be hardier.  It has evergreen foliage and grows slowly.  The blooming season is around spring.  It likes sun and enjoys moist well-drained soils.  Its flowers are light yellow and fragrant.

Since I got mine from the online store last month, it has gained a couple of new leaves.  I imagine that, given its rate of growth, it will take a couple years before I see any flowers. 

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