Night Blooming Jasmine

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Name: Night Blooming Jasmine
Scientific Name: Cestrum nocturnum
Family: Apocynaceae

Soil: It grows well in a mix of regular garden soil and sand.
Sun: They are very drought tolerate and enjoy full to partial sun. With full sun, it tends to develop more branches. In shade it grows taller with fewer branches.
Water: It requires a lot of water, especially during its flowering season. It seems that it needs water every day during hot summer days . For this reason, I don't think it is a good desert plant.
Fertilizer: I use bloom booster fertilizer during the flower seasons; then some diluted iron in between.
Care: Very little care required.
Tips: the plant can be easily propagated through cuttings, though some people also like to propagate through seeds. I prefer the cutting method because it is rather simple and it only takes a short adjustment period before the new plant starts to flower.


Despite its name, it is really in solanaceae family. It is a tender perennial that does well in zone 10 and up. In colder zones, it can be easily grown into containers. When temperatures dip below 20 degree F, it is better to move the plant indoors. It is a shrub with medium sized elongated leaves. During the fall, large clusters of yellowish/greenish flowers buds form. They stay in a dormant period during most of the day and open up as night approaches. The fragrance is powerful and sometimes overwhelming if you stands too close. It is better enjoyed if one stands a few feet from it, so at to allow the wind to carry the scent to you.

My parents have been growing them for years in the cold Maryland area. Each year, they would propagate several and plant one outside. It would grow into a large shrub and flowers profusely. Before winter, they would make several cuttings put the new plants indoor during the cold winter days. When spring comes, they would bring it out again. In southern New Mexico area, I think it might survive outside comfortably.

he plant grows rather quickly. When I got it during early summer, it was only a one gallon plant; however, now it has already taken up a 8 gallon pot. I am afraid that I will have to repot it next year.


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