Star Jasmine

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Name: Star Jasmine or Confederate Jasmine
Scientific Name: Trachelospermum jasminoides
Family: Apocynaceae

Soil: This variety is best grown in a mixture of regular garden soil and sand .
Sun: They are very drought tolerant and enjoy full to partial sun.
Water: It requires a lot of water when just planted; after it is established, it only needs to be watered a few times a week during the hottest part of the year.
Fertilizer: I use bloom booster fertilizer in the spring.
Care: This plant grows rather well here with very little care.
Tips:  After the plant is established, supporting it with a trellis can help it grow.


Many people believe star jasmine is a member of Jasminum, but it is actually in a different family from the regular jasmines. It requires very little care and grows quite happily under the southwestern sun. With a little care, it grows into a huge shrub and produces fragrant white flowers similar to common jasmines. But it is much hardier than its counterpart and no specific soil pH requirement; therefore, it is often found as a part of xeriscaping. It also does well in cold weather and can tolerate cold down to 10 degree F.

After I planted one on the south side of my house near the entrance, it looked a bit sad during the first few weeks. After it was established, new branches started to form and small clusters of flowers started to form. Though it only offered a few flowers this year, I expect with its new growth, it will have many more flowers next year.


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