La Posta de Mesilla

Style Mexican
Street Address 2410 Calle de San Albino
City Mesilla State NM
Zip Phone Number (575) 524-3524

“Earliest records indicate the La Posta Compound was originally constructed in the 1840's. Sam Bean and his brother Roy Bean, operated a freight and passenger service line to Pinos Altos from this building in the 1850's. After the Civil War, The La Posta Compound became an important stop on the Butterfield Stagecoach Line. During the 1870's and 1880's, the Corn Exchange Hotel, one of the finest lodges in the Southwest, operated from the building. John Davis, the proprietor of the hotel, died in the late 1870's, however, his wife Augustina continued to operate the hotel, a restaurant and other businesses in the building until the early 1900's. La Posta de Mesilla Restaurant originated in the northwest corner of the building in 1939 by Katy Griggs Camunez. The business has grown to become one of the most famous restaurants in the Southwest, occupying 10,000 square feet of the La Posta Compound which now included several shops. After Katy passed away, the property and business was acquired by a great niece, Jerean Camunez Hutchinson and her husband Tom, a.k.a. "Hutch", who continue to offer the same quality food and great service in the unique dining environment Katy created.”

-- La Posta

Situated in the historical town of Old Mesilla, La Posta has never failed to attract new and old customers alike. Inside the plaza, while waiting to be seated, one can shop at the hot pepper shop, admire the beautiful macaws that were inside this huge room size cage, examine the strange tropical fish such as Piranha, or just simply tour around the nicely decorated room.

The whole complex is a mix of Southwestern style and the open tropical style. Along side the adobe walls with wood beams stands a rock wall on which grow many species of tropical plants. Overlooking the dining area, small Spanish style porches house a few fake skeletons dressed in old Western style dress posed among the rich deep foliage.

After an appetizer of chips and a reasonably hot salsa, the food is bought out in colorful plates. My favorite, as well as a favorite of several friends and family members is the Chimichangas with shredded beef filling. It consists of a golden fried flour tortilla filled with soft shredded beef. I always wonder how they fried the Chimichangas without making them greasy. The shell is soft and almost tastes like the sopaipillas. I usually prefer hotter food. Though the red chile is hotter, the green chile that comes with it was so rich in flavor that I make an exception. The whole dish is so delicious that I often find a reason to eat over at La Posta whenever we visit Old Mesilla.


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