Senses Do Brazil

Style Brazilian
Street Address 6080 Gateway East
City El Paso State TX
Zip 79905 Phone Number (915) 772-9656

Update: Senses Do Brazil has been closed since 2006.

One of the toughest markets is the restaurant business. Having lived in the area for several years, we have witnessed the opening and closing of many restaurants. Many a great restaurant has met an untimely demise. Tatsu was a nice Japanese restaurant in Las Cruces. It closed when one of its partners absconded with the operating capital. There have been other restaurants that just didnít have the uniqueness, quality, or location to survive. Some good specialty restaurants have closed due to inadequate demand.

When one of the Mexican restaurants in the area shut down, Senses Do Brazil took over. Though a relatively new restaurant, Senses Do Brazil has already started to gather patrons around the area. We had driven by it many times, and were finally drawn in by its exoticness.

Once we were seated, and the waitress told us that it is an all-you-can eat. At first I didnít like much the idea, but when we saw the way the food was being served, fresh from the grill, we changed our minds. The waitress explained how it worked. The restaurant provided a small wooded block on the table. Green side up means you are ready to be served. Red side up means you want them stop serving. Lay it flat on the table means you want your check. First, we helped ourselves to the salad bar, which was pretty standard. Then we found this place a meat loverís heaven. The restaurant provides a total nine different styles of meats, and you can eat as much as you want. Each time they come over, one can request the portions according to his preference.

First, hot rice, black beans, and bread were presented. Then it was grilled sausage and sirloin. Before we could finish that came the filet mignon, fajitas, grilled chicken breast, pork loinÖ Each is seasoned with unique flavor and each grilled into perfection. Before we got to the end of the list, we were stuffed. Even my son had a plenty to eat just off my plate. One thing I liked a lot was the fried banana. Though it might sound strange, it served wonderfully as a side dish when everything else was meat. Of course, they also have fried vegetables and fried pineapple, but we had turned our little block red side up way before that.

Finally, once we were ready for our check, they bough two glasses of rum flavored dessert. It is kind of like pudding, but very rich in flavor.

Though $17.99 sounds a lot for a buffet, we though it was really reasonable considered all the variety of meat we had sampled. My son ate for free. Overall, it was very worthwhile. No wonder why out of the whole El Paso, we just met a co-worker of ours from Cruces in there. Was it a coincidence or has this place already gained a food reputation? I think that it is the latter.


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