Joy Luck

Style Chinese
Street Address 3530 Foothills Rd.
City Las Cruces State NM
Zip 88011 Phone Number (505) 532-0157

Joy Luck happens to be one of my favorite Chinese restaurants here in the area, least to say that the owner also happen to be from Hawaii. It is one of the family owned small restaurants that serve home-style Chinese food. The atmosphere here is friendly and cozy, lively but not loud. The interior of the restaurant is mainly consisted of one large room that has about a dozen or more table sets. The décor is mostly plain with a few Qing-dynasty style decorations hanging from the ceiling and walls. It is well-lit and appears to be primarily a lunch destination. When we go there for dinner, most of the patrons appear to be families with children (perhaps owing to the reasonable prices). They usually come in a group of three to seven.

For starters, I usually order a hot-and-sour soup. The brown soap is very rich in flavors with a strong aroma of freshly ground peppercorns. Unlike most other hot and sour soup, the soup contains a mixture of thinly sliced BBQ pork, egg drops, black ear mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and green onion. It is usually pretty good.

If you like deep-fat fried food, the sampler is a good start appetizer. It comes with fried pork ribs, fried chicken wings, fried wontons, and some fried noodles. It is a little too greasy to me.

For main dish, my favorite is the Beef Chow Fun (chao fen). It has stir-fried soft, white, thick rice noodle mixed with abundant of beef, carrots, sugar snaps, spring onions, and bean sprouts. The whole dish is stir fired in black bean source and some other ingredients. The red pepper sauce mixed in there also gives it a hint of spiciness. As for new visitors, don’t be too surprised when the dish is bought out. It is very generous in size. I always only finish half of it. The taste though, it is good enough for me to keep going back.


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