Pancake Alley Diner

Style American
Street Address 2146 West Picacho Avenue
City Las Cruces State NM
Zip 88007 Phone Number (575) 647-4836

Pancake Alley Diner is a located on West Picacho, pretty far removed from most of the eateries we review here. It is an interesting theme restaurant in the manner and with the decor of an early 60s diner. The walls are peppered with license plates, Route 66 memorabilia, Mickey Mouse kitsch, and drawings of classic cars. There appeared to be a number of "regulars" that came and went as we dined.

The Sunday morning customers included a large group of ladies having a celebration of some sort, a group of college kids dressed almost right out of the 70s, and guys wearing hats emblazoned with "VFW" or other veteran organizations.

It is always a little hard to review breakfast restaurants, as there isn't really that big a sliding scale for eggs and hashbrowns. The coffee was good (which is, unfortunately, fairly unusual). Everything was good, and the ham was actually of a better quality than the ham usually served with breakfast.

I had hoped that, being in West Picacho, this place would be substantially cheaper than IHOP, but it was only slightly cheaper. It has character, and the small diner atmosphere seems much more inviting than a bigger restaurant.


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