El Tiburón Mariscos

Style Mexican
Street Address 504 E. Amador
City Las Cruces State NM
Zip Phone Number (575) 647-4233

El Tiburón is different from most Mexican restaurants in Las Cruces. Rather than the standard Mexican fare, this restaurant offers steak and seafood in the unique Mexican style. The two times we have been here, we received two different salsas with the chips. One was a red chile salsa, and the other was a green chile pico de gallo. I prefered the green chile, but both were good. We started with ceviche de camarón and ceviche mixto which were served on tostadas and topped with avocado.

The Camarones a la Diabla were quite spicy, but very good. Each dish comes served with a small bowl of papaya and jimaca. there is also a small salad on the side, along with rice pilaf. The Pescado a la Plancha was a fillet of tilapia, which made for a good, light meal. The fish sticks were tender, without too much oil. Kabobs with tilapia and shrimp were also good. Twice, we god jalapenos on the side. Once, we received grilled jalapeños in soy sauce, the next time, we received fresh jalapeños sliced lengthwise. I preferred the former. The Mexican music in the background was just loud enough to provide atmosphere, but not enough to disrupt conversation. This is a nice little restaurant and I think it will be one of my favorites.


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