Shem's Restaurant

Style Mediterranean
Street Address 1340 E Lohman Ave
City Las Cruces State NM
Zip 88001 Phone Number (575) 541-5956

Newly opened in February 2010 is Shem's, a Moroccan restaurant.

When we went to this restaurant, it had been open for one week. The former Casa Luna restaurant has been transformed into the Arabic style. The interesting strains of North African music played in the background. The menu is still a little limited, but what was there looked interesting. We had skipped lunch, so were very hungry by the time we ordered. We ordered the Lamb Couscous, the Chicken Tangine, and the Salmon Cakes as an appetizer.

We ordered the Moroccan tea, which is a bit stronger than the asian teas we usually drink. We were served bread with a bowl each of olive oil and honey. Then the salad arrived, which was a very distinctive cucumber-based salad. We managed to polish off two baskets of bread along with the salad before the Salmon Cakes arrived. We were nearly stuffed by the time we got our entrees. The Lamb Couscous was very good. The Chicken Tangine was a little plain, but that helped offset the very flavorful Salmon Cakes. My son really enjoyed the Salmon cakes and continued raving about them all the way home.


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