Style American
Street Address 115 Franklin Street
City Hatch, State NM
Zip 87937 Phone Number (575) 267-4222

After a long morning hike, this place came recommended by the guide. We parked and walked past a row of Harley-Davidson motorcycles (bikers love the open roads of southern NM). The outside decor is a montage of decades-spanning kitsch ranging from old postwar signs to Colonel Sanders and Ronald McDonald. In a fountain stands "Sparky," a welded sculpture, apparently made from a couple of oilpans and an assortment of drilling implements and car parts.

It looked to be doing good business for little Hatch, NM. We waited in line at the walk-up order counter. The barbecue standards are there: pulled pork, brisket, ribs, and sausage. They also advertise their "world famous green chile cheeseburger." I wish I had tried one, but instead we opted to sample all the barbecue offerings. The campy decor continues inside, capped off with a moosehead wearing a cowboy hat. More intriguing, I thought, was the bikers. Dressed like one expects old-school outlaw bikers to be dressed, a couple of couples sat down. I know it's just life, but there was something peculiar about seeing a guy with "Live to Ride, Ride to Live." on his Harley-Davidson jacket pulling out his reading glasses to take a closer look at something.

I would recommend the brisket. Only slightly behind that, I thought I could have had another rib.


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