Bountiful Bakery

Style American
Street Address 3050 E. Lohman Ave. Suite H
City Las Cruces State NM
Zip Phone Number (505) 532-6886

Update: Bountiful has been closed since 2007.

Bountiful Bakery is a combination bakery/coffee shop and deli-style restaurant. Customers order up front and seat themselves. The overhead menu lists several exotic-sounding sandwiches and hot dishes at fairly reasonable prices. After ordering, you get a small cup for your soft drinks (fortunately, you get your own refills). There is a somewhat long wait, but I don’t think that most of the people who eat here are in a hurry.

The main dining area offers several computer terminals along the large picture windows for the nerd types, but most people sit in booths or at tables. There is a somewhat darker area that is protected from the brightness of the picture windows with a wall. There is also a semi-private room that can be used for informal meetings (plus I believe it has multimedia connections for business-type meetings). A large bakery with all sorts of fat-and-sugar-laden pastries and desserts is opposite the meeting room. Between the two, there are several tall bar style tables and chairs.

The sandwiches are served either as a whole sandwich, or a half sandwich with a soup or salad. I usually choose a whole sandwich; my wife has a half sandwich with a soup. When the entrees arrive, they are generously sized and rather exotic. The last sandwich I ordered there had what appeared to be baba-ganouj on it (I’ve never had anything that combined baba-ganoudj and pork products before). It was quite good. The entrée comes with a side of chips, green beans, or potatoes. I prefer the latter. The potatoes are prepared with garlic and vinegar, and are liberally peppered with herbs and spices. The soups are also heavy with garlic, but not to the point that most people would mind.

The fare for children is simple, and has a choice of fresh fruit or chips. The fruit includes various melons, pineapples, and other fruit. My son likes the four cheese ravioli, which comes with a marina sauce.

My wife often gets a mocha to go, but it’s not so popular in the 100+° New Mexico summer.

It is a casual deli-style restaurant that is convenient to much of the Lohman area shopping.


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