Day 1 Kauai - Kapaa and Kauai Beach Resort

Date: 2006-06-14
Location: Hawaii 06

After a whole day of flying, we finally landed in Lihue International Airport, Kauai. As soon as we stopped out of the airplane, a warm humid scented air washed over me. Being living in Southwest for so long, I had forgotten the feeling of rich moist in the air. Just a few steps of walk made me want to jump into the shower. And I had forgotten how colorful was the islands. Just outside the luggage claim area, tropical plants of various kinds were blooming profusely.

At the Dollar Rental car, we got our car and drove to Kauai Beach Resort and checked into our hotel. Located on the beach, the Kauai Beach Resort was surrounded by lush green foliage and decorated with several blue pools. Each guest room had a lani either looking at the vast open beach, or the pools, or the garden. The path leading to our room was surrounded by green Tahiti Gardenia with dark green foliage and 5 to 6 inches large fragrant white flowers. Strangely, these flowers were of various numbers of white elongated petals. We came across ones with five, seven and even eight petals.

Located on the first floor of one of the many buildings, our room was facing the pool. From our lani, the whole pool area was in our sight. From there, a small stone paved path led to the ocean. Around the pool, torches were lit. Some people were already swimming and playing in it.

We were both hungry and exhausted. We stopped at Kapaa and ate in Wahoo’s Seafood Grill and Bar. We sat outside in the patio that was showed under a warm glow of soft light. The dishes rang from $30 to $40 dollars. I tried their signature Ono, my husband had the Haupuupuu, and my little guy had the seafood pasta. The dishes were beautifully presented and the food was delicious. The Ono I had was fresh and soft with superb flavor—a mix of sweet and tangy taste. After meal, I sipped a Mai Tai while gazing admiringly at the tall coconuts hang on the coconut trees. The mix scent of sea and fragrant tropical foliage gave a sense of deja vu. Seyo, temporarily forgot how tired he was, looked amazingly at the friendly geckos that scaled the wall.

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