Day 11 Kauai - Last look at the beach, Humura Saimin Stand, Nawiliwili

Date: 2006-11-24
Location: Hawaii 06

Early in the morning, we walked down the beach behind the hotel. As the tide receded, small tide pools formed within the rocky barriers. In the tide pool, we saw schools of small colorful fish swam around the reef. There must be a high surf last night. On the beach, we came across many abundant golf balls, parts of a giant colorful lobster, some shells, more drift woods, and a nice piece of white coral. I picked a few items as remembrances, knowing this day would soon become a part of our memory.

Around the noon, we went back to the Humura Saimin Stand and ate saimin. It was a popular place among locals. Its menu consists mainly of freshly made saimin and kabob. We got there just in time to see three people left, allowing us the chance to sit down. The saimin was pretty good. After lunch, we visited the Kauai Museum. Despite the rich history and the elaborate displays of fancy artifacts ranging from momi and kahelelani shell leis, shell display, native masks, astonishing photos of endangered species around the islands etc, Seyo showed very little interest through out our entire tour. Under his strong protest, we left the area.

As we had promised Seyo a couple days ago, we took him back to the playground one last time. I sat on a bench and watched him as he running up and down the maze like structure, waving at him when his smiling face peered out from small openings. I realized how much we would miss this whole place. This feeling grow stronger as day progressed on.

After took care some tedious issue such as returning car and checking in the airlines, we ate our dinner at a restaurant in Nawiliwili. The place was newly opened. As we sat down, we were informed that only a small portion of what was listed on the menu was actually served here. Nevertheless, we had an enjoyable dinner before we rushed back to the airport.

When we boarded the airplane, it was already dark outside. Due to some technical malfunctions, my plane was delayed for over an hour. As Seyo drifted into sleep next to me, I looked into the darkness outside. Good bye Hawaii, for the second time. I shall return someday.

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