Maryland - some of familiar places

Date: 2005-08-04
Location: Maryland 05

Unlike our previous visit, my little boy was actually thrilled to ride the airplane. Though he was a bit uneasy during the take off, once we were up in the air, he pointed at the objects down there and talked happily about them. When we ran into turbulences, he looked a bit of scared. After I gave him some reassurance smiles, he returned to his excite state.

This trip to Maryland really means a lot to me. Having just sold their house in Maryland, my parents were getting ready to move to the Land of Enchantment with us. Though I will still return to here to see my sister and relatives, the selling of the house I grow up was like cutting down the only link that was connecting to my childhood. The whole time I was there, I was overwhelmed by a sense of nostalgic mixed with a sense of lost.

Once we arrived Maryland, we found that the heat was almost unbearable. With the high humidity and soaring heat, the whole surrounding area was sultry and rather uncomfortable. A short walk outside the house has become a rather intensive swimming session in a shallow hot tub. Even the little wind was hot and felt heavy on one’s skin.

Among the busy moving and packing, I only managed to visit a few places around the area. For the most of part, I was just trying to capture a lot of these familiar places and scenes into my memory.

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