Smithsonian Museum

Date: 2005-08-07
Location: Maryland 05

Because the difficulties of parking near the museums, we took the subway there. The elevator that took us down to the subway train level was rather unpleasant. We tired to hold our breath as the whole car was filled with a mixture of urine and cleaning solution.

The Smithsonian Museum is as busy as ever. With thousands of people form around the world visit it everyday, we soon become lost within the sea of people once we set a foot inside. At the entrance, a check point has been implemented—an end product of September 11. We went straight to the food court and got something to eat. Then we watched the 3D T-Rex: Return to Cetaceous Movie. My little boy watched the movie many times at home. But with the theater sound and 3D images, he was both thrilled and terrified at the images. Several times, I saw he raised his tiny little hands and tried to catch the fish that appeared to floating in the thin air in front of us.

The next thing we saw, of course, was the dinosaur fossils. The fossilized remains of those pre-historical beasts were really amazing. As we followed the path, we came across this amazing piece of fossil. A rather larger size of whole fish remain was within the stomach of another much bigger fish.

On the second floor, we looked at the various gems and minerals. Of course, the famous Hope Diamond drew quite large crowd’s attention.

We met in the first floor around the giant elephant statue. Here we went into the other side, where a whole collection of well-preserved animals are founded. These lifeless specimens were posed as if they were all alive, each preoccupied in its daily routines. Impressive the collection is, under the gazes of those glassy eyes, an uncanny and uneasy feeling kept creeping on me.

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