Longwood Garden

Date: 2005-08-14
Location: Pennsylvania 05

I have heard both my mom and my sister talked about Longwood Garden for quite some time and I was so glad that I was finally able to visit it before I leave Maryland area. The day was extremely hot. As a matter of fact, I believe that the heat index has reached a boiling point that we were alert to stay in door. Nevertheless, we planed our trip. After several hours, several tool booth, and quite some tool money, we finally arrived there.

On the turn of 1900, Pierre du Pont, the owner of DuPont chemical company, purchased this large piece of farm land and turned it into an every gardener’s dream place. The garden is consisted of many sections, each section displays totally different ecosystem. From the colorful Flower Garden Walk, Italian and French gardens, English cottage gardens, water garden, vegetable garden… to the gigantic indoor garden, the place is filled with all kinds of plants.

As we walked leisurely down the Flower Garden Walk, we were attracted by an impressive orchestra music that was booming from the small stadium. When we get close to the site, we were surprise to find that rather than some band performing, the show was focused on the fountain, where jets of splashing water danced gracefully along with the beats of the music. After the show, we walked around the area. At each turn, we were looking at a totally different scenery.

If wasn’t the heat, exhaustion, a bit of dehydration and hunger, I would probably forever wondering around the garden. I would suggestion that they sell more drinks and ice cream around the area. For quite sometimes, we walked around and were unable to find anywhere for a sip of water.

It truly is an amazing place.

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