Kauai Day 1 - Lihue Airport, TomKat Grille

Date: 2007-03-16
Location: Hawaii 07

After a whole day of traveling, my four year old and I finally arrived Lihue Airport a little after 6:00pm. We picked up our luggages and got into our rental car. My little boy, thoroughly exhausted, fallen asleep a little after we pulled out the parking lot.

We went to Poipu and stopped by the small shopping center there. At this hour, some of the shops were already closed or started to close. We went into the Tomcat Grille and had dinner there. The little one slept through the whole ideal. I ordered a plate of the catch of the day—a fresh piece of ono grilled to perfection. It sat on top of a bed of thinly sliced red cabbage salad and topped with decorative lines of source that was made from a sweet and tangy soy source with mashed garlic potatoes on the side. It was very delicious. When we got back to our small cottage, I soon fall asleep in the bed.

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