Kauai Day 2 - Poipu Beach Park, Eleele Shopping Center

Date: 2007-03-17
Location: Hawaii 07

Not adjusted to the Hawaiian time, which was four hours late, we woke up early. Our bodies were still fixed to the Mountain Time zone. I looked up and found it was only a little after 4:00; but the little one was already restless. It took me a long time to convince him it was too early and he must return to sleep. When we were up for the second time, it was a little after 8:00. We left our cottage at Poipu Kai and walked along the small path towards the beach. The winding path curved around the emerald green manicured lawn. Along it, there were banana trees with racks of small baby bananas, plummeria trees with heavenly scented flowers in various colors, Tahiti Gardenia in the size of tree and bloom profusely with its beautiful star shaped white flowers, coconut trees with clusters of small pointed coconuts, hibiscus with red trumpet like flowers decorated with dark green foliage, papaya trees with small round green papaya hanging down its main branch right underneath their large leaves … All along, the scenic was beautiful. Once we passed the tennis courts, the blue ocean was in our view. We walked briskly toward it and soon could felt the fresh breeze from the ocean. Following that breeze, we arrived the Poipu Beach Park.

It was in a little after 10:00, but the beach was already dotted with tourists. We walked along the smooth sandy beach and found the kitty pool there. There were many little kids, ranging from babies to small children, played cheerfully in the beach. I watched my little boy running on the beach, leaving behind a row of small footprints. After reading Jerry McDonald’s book, I couldn’t help but to look at these footprints closely. “Due to the deeper impression of front foot and the longer stride, we can see these tracks belonged to a small bipedal animal that was running along the beach…” I wonder what would be like some millions of years have passed and human had became extinct and some strange alien being came across the tracks my son left behind, that is probably what they would think.

In the afternoon, we went to the Eleele Shopping Center and stopped by for some lunch there. We found a small Chinese restaurant that served large portion of food in reasonable price. I ordered an order of calamari with fried chicken and egg plant. My husband had a seafood platter with steak that includes a piece of code, some jumbo shrimps, and a couple pieces of Korean style BBQ beef ribs. It was quite good, no wonder the many of the tables were lined up with trays and trays of carry out orders.

After that we went to Big Save, a local grocery store that resembles Albertson or Safeway. We bought some food and necessities. Despite the fact that I lived in Hawaii before, I couldn’t help but gawking at the price tags. Things we can usually find for 99 cents became 3.99 here. I guess that’s the price you have to pay for living in the paradise.

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