Day 2 Oahu - Chinatown and Ko'Olina Beach

Date: 2006-06-15
Location: Hawaii 06

Bright early in the morning, I took Seyo back to the airport and we flew to Honolulu International Airport, Oahu. After some waiting, my best friend Kim came and picked us up. Immediately, we took off to the Chinatown. Once we were in the middle of traffic, a sense of nostalgic overwhelmed me. Though I have been gone for nearly seven years, nothing seemed to have changed. The familiar streets, the well remembered turn of each corner, the all somewhat recognizable faces… My heart filled with a thousand emotions as I gazed at the changing sceneries outside the window. Then the crispy voice of my little boy tore me out of my trance. I joined Kim and tried our best to answer his countless questions. At Chinatown, we ate lunch and shopped around a bit. Nothing seemed to have changed here. Even the old lady who was selling noni juice and home grown fruits was still there. Then we went to Kim’s house. As soon as we sat down, she laid out several varieties of fruits including the ones from her own garden such as guava, papaya, and sugar apple. Each of them was fresh and delicious. We looked around her garden. I was amazed to see how that small area has been transformed into a little snapshot of a tropical jungle, through she did have to cut back her trees and veins several times to pacify neighbors’ complains. She even showed me several colored lizards that frequented her garden.

Later on that afternoon we went to Ko’Olina Beach Resort area. We had to drive around, visited all four piers to find a parking spot. Once parked, we walked to the beach. Though the Ko’Olina beach was artificially made, it was beautifully decorated with trees, flower shrubs, gem green lawn, and of course, the luxurious hotels rooms. The beach front was divided into four inlaid giant pools, each protected by black volcanic rock walls. Under the brilliant sun, the smooth dazzling surface dazzled and shone like a blue sapphire, while the gentle waves lapped lazily on the soft sandy beach. No wonder why the church bell rang ever so often next to Marriott Resort. The place is a perfect honey moon paradise.

Even Seyo, despite it was the first time he saw the ocean, he became impatiently as he waited for me to change him into his swim trunk. Before long, he jumped into the water without hesitation. The water was cool and refreshing. Seyo splashed around and laughed. Looking at my delighted little boy, I suddenly felt as if I had deprived him all these all along. We played and swam around until some rainy clouds started to cover up the sun and the temperature around the pool dropped. As big drops of rain started to plummeted down, we returned to Kim’s car and drove back.

It sure was nice to be back to Hawaii.

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