Kauai Day 3 - Shipwreck Beach, Keoki's Paradise

Date: 2007-03-18
Location: Hawaii 07

As soon we got up, we ate some light breakfast and were on our ways to the Shipwreck Beach. This time we followed the opposite trail that leads to the Poipu Beach park, passing rows of high price houses, and merged into the trail that curved around the property of Grand Hyatt in Kauai. Here the landscape has the quality of some expensive golf course; everything was extraordinary green and lush. Once we arrived the beach front, we could see a few swimmers were here, for good reasons—the waves were much stronger here. Waves after waves, the ocean lapped the beach with forces. Some areas black volcanic rocks were lined up along the beach front, making it hard to even walk on. Surfers, however, have teamed up there with their surfer boards, challenged the waves bravely as they dashed in and out of the waves.

Soon we found ourselves stock here as well: my little boy was chasing the waves, an activity that he seemly never get tired of. As each wave rolled closer, he would dash out of its way. As soon as the wave started to recede, he would chase it back. Watching him running in and out of the water was relaxing. If wasn’t because our goal was to the Shipwreck Beach, we could sat there all day and watch him.

Not sure how the beach got its name. It might have been the rocky cliff that oversees the beach gave a resemblance of old shipwreck or there was actually some ship wrecked there. Either way, we followed a small trail that was surrounded by short pine trees, and walked to the top of the rocky cliffs. One side of the cliff dropped straightly into the ocean. Somewhere I read the surfers would toss their surf boards over then jump into the water. However, standing on top of this cliff, I think any sane person would think twice before jump straight down, for the water was blue and looming no far from the surface were some jagged rocks.

Anyway, the trail offered a great view of the ocean. The air was a mixture of pine and sea. There was some beautiful look out areas where hikers stopped and either mesmerized by the view or transfixed by the lapping sound of the waves.

We returned to the hotel in the late afternoon. Here a friend of my husband took my little boy to see his house while my husband and I had dinner at Keoki’s Paradise. The atmosphere here was both ambient and exotic. The whole restaurant was built in an open air style—no matter where you at, you would be looking at the beautiful tropical garden that was surrounding the whole place. We had Panko Crusted Scallops for appetizer. The scallops were wrapped in very light coat and fried. It was a little crunchy on the outside, and soft and juicy inside. Then I ordered opah, a white moist filet from Hawaiian moon fish that was served with citrus, shoyu, and sesame butter source. The fish filet was seasoned with a wonderful flavor, then sautéed with herbs. The inside was soft and almost seemed to have a milky substance. It melts inside my mouth. My husband had a swordfish gilled with butter, olive oil and selected seasoning. They are both mouthwatering.

Later, we went back to our friend’s place, a beautiful two story house located on top of a hill and oversaw Lihue and the ocean. We picked up our little sleep guy and went back home.

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