Kauai Day 4 - Captain Andy's Sailing Adventure

Date: 2007-03-19
Location: Hawaii 07

We got up bright early in the morning and drove to Port Allen. Though it was a little after 7:00, there were many other tourists lined up outside of the Captain Andy’s sail adventure shop. We obtained our tickets and our t-shirts. Then we waited patiently outside for our captain to take us to the boat. It was sometime after 8:00 a man dressed in red Aloha shirt came over and took us to the boat. Once we walked through the busy pier and heavy machineries, we arrived the pier. There were two boats, Akialoa and Spirit of Kauai. While some of the passengers walked through our boat to its sister boat, we stepped into Akialoa after taking off our shoes. There we all sat down in the cabinet. Once the boats were ready, Spirit of Kauai took off while we struggled with a battery problem. We waited for quite a bit for the replacement battery. Little did we know at that time, it wasn’t really a battery problem, but the alternator was bad and later we had paid the consequence of it.

While waiting, we went to the deck and had some breakfast: small muffins, soft cakes in various flavors, melons etc. We sat on the front and ate while the boat pulled out of the harbor. The way there was quite smooth. We ride for a while then our captain decided to stop and let everyone swim for a bit. It was quite early to swim for me. But knowing the fact sitting in a rocky boat while baking under the sun is quite uncomfortable, I reluctantly got into the water. Surprisingly, the water was much warmer than I expected; the waves, however, was strong. I struggled in the water for a while. The big waves only made my fear of water worse. Though my husband swam like a fish, my little guy was clutching to the boogie board despite his body glove floatie. Soon, I found myself hanging on to that board as well. I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad for there were a few others hang to one of the crew’s rescue surfing board as well. With some struggle, I got closer to the boat and we got on top. I guess a few of us were intimidated by the strong current, but most of people were just out there enjoying themselves. Some jumped off the side of the boat, some snorkeling here and there, and some just simply floating around. Here we spotted a sea turtle swam freely in the ocean. It raised its small head out of the water and took a breath, and then it dived into the depth of the sea. Sometimes later, the boat weighted anchor and took off. This time we headed to Na Pali coast. We rode in and out of the waves as water splashed around us.

One of the crew pointed out something on the far distance. Our fearless captain soon turned our boat towards it. A few minutes later, we were surrounded by a group of seemly friendly dolphins. These beautiful creatures were about my size, maybe a bit smaller. They have gray colored bodies and they swam around the boat like a school of happy little kids. They were swimming in front of the boat, around the boat and under the boat. It seems that if I had reached down far enough, I could almost touch their smooth shining backs. Soon, we saw some of them spinning out of the water with tremendous speed. It almost seemed as if they were showing off. Several of them took their turns and spin out of the water like some ice-skaters performing graceful summersaults. It was quite a delightful sight, perhaps the highlight of the trip.

Once we departed our little newly met friends, we headed toward the Na Pali coast. The current picked up as each wave became bigger than the previous one. The boat rocked and jumped, splashing water all over the deck. We decided to go to the back of the boat. We soon found this was a big mistake. Sitting on the back of the boat, amidst this horrible rocky motion, we quickly fallen victims of sea sickness. Once we realized it, it was already too late. Our feet were weak and our head started to spinning. My little guy laid helplessly on my lap and seemingly asleep. I tired to get up and only fallen to my knees and hit the deck with force that my knee and side of my waist got bruises. The whole returning trip just went down the hill from here. When other were sitting around enjoying their sandwich and pasta salad lunch, we could only sat there with closed eyes, hoping the nauseous would go away.

At this time, just as we were hoping to get back soon, our captain informed us about the problem. The earlier suspected bad battery has turned out to be a bad alternator, which eventually rendered one of the engines useless. Riding on wind and one engine, our return trip took much longer than anyone anticipated. As time progressed, my sea sickness got worse, and I laid on my back and closed my eyes.

The whole ideal seemed to last forever. When we got closer to harbor, I felt a bit better and got up. I saw a few others were laying on the back like us. Strangly, the ones got sickness were mostly people in their 30s and seemed to be in good physical shape, while others were just walking around and seemed to not be bothered at all.

Once we touched the dry land, I couldn’t help but overcame by a sense of relief. I guess this would be my last boat ride, if I have a choice. Once we were on land, the little guy woke up and seemly totally not affected. He quickly asked for a happy meal and was eating like nothing had happened. For us, it took much longer to recover.

In the late evening, we got ourselves together and drove to Poipu Shopping Center. Here we bought a few pieces of merchandise and some grocery. The Poipu Beach Boiler was not only pricy, but seemed to be dressy as well. We didn’t feel hungry enough at our current condition, so we retrieved to our room and made some instant noodle for dinner. Luckily, I still got some of that tasty left-over from yesterday and my little guy ate it.

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