Kauai Day 6 - Lydgate State Park, Coconute Market Place, Hilo Hattie, Mall

Date: 2007-03-21
Location: Hawaii 07

We drove to Waimea sometime before noon and tried to book for a kayak. We were disappointed to find that all the kayaks were taken for today so we booked a triyak for tomorrow morning. Once that was done, we drove to Lydgate State Park. Upon arrive the beach, we were surprised to see the whole ocean front has transformed. The low tide almost dried up the kiddie pool while the other larger pool became something that we could walk the whole parameter.

The beach was loaded with drift wood and tread marks from the tractors. Near the beach, the sand had not one single patch of smooth surface. We picked a spot and used some drift woods, we quickly smoothed out a patch of sand. I laid down a couple of beach towels and we stepped into the water. The water was a bit of cold when we just stepped in. Once we were in, it became comfortable. The water was smooth and clear. Near the beach, I saw schools of fish swam around our feet. One type was consisted of smaller fish with vibrate color, another type was some middle sized fish, and another type was consisted of several rather large gray colored fish. Each group swam gracefully around people. We spend a couple of hours swimming around and played in the water. Once we got out, we went to Coconut Market Place and had our lunch at TC Tropical Burger.

I ordered a battered fish and chip platter. The fish was ono, quite mild smooth taste. My husband had the Kalua pork. My little one had hot dog. The food was good and so far the cheapest, about nine dollars per adult.

After that, we went to the Hilo Hattie and shopped around a bit. Then we stopped by the Mall and picked up a few more things. Along the path in the mall, besides the plumeria trees, I found a puakenikeni tree with its beautiful fragrant flowers ranging from gold to silver, and a water jasmine tree that had wonderful scented white flower clusters all over.

On the way back we discovered Genki Sushi. It was a Japanese sushi bar style restaurant that serve sushi in very economy price. It is rated as Hawaii’s Best by Star and Bulletin and MidWeek for four years in a row. We ordered some small plates of sushi for less than ten dollars.

Back to our hotel, we tucked ourselves in early and prepare for tomorrow’s excursion.

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