Kauai Day 8 - Salt Pond Park, Poipu Broiler

Date: 2007-03-23
Location: Hawaii 07

Considered it was our last day here, we went to the Salt Pond Park. The people found around the park were mostly locals. Groups of young girls, dressed in green pau, were practicing their beautiful hula dance. While some family camped near the beach and their children swam and played in the ocean. The wave here was a bit stronger than the other kiddie pool we had gone so far; once in there, however, it was rather nice. We swam, drifted, and let our bodies caressed by the waves.

My little boy, a bit of timid of waves, eventually retrieved to build sand castle on the beach. With my husband’s help, he built a group of castles that were protected by a wall facing the ocean side. Several times the waves came in and hit the wall, but didn’t breach it. I wonder how long after we had left it would remind there.

We went back and had lunch at the Poipu Broiler. We each ordered a lunch plate of the day, which consisted of a large piece of succulent mahi grilled and topped with a special white sauce over a bed of white rice. It came with a side of your choice. It was pretty good.

Returned to the hotel, we packed, rested a bit, and then drove to the airport. No matter how hard I tried, we still couldn’t reserve two seats that were next to each other on our flight back to San Francisco. I checked in my luggage and we drove to the Lihue McDonald and got some food for my little guy. He didn’t have much of an appetite, but he was very happy to get a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle as his “happy toy”. Probably because we knew that we had to be soon separated and we would be leaving Hawaii again, the mode was somewhat somber. I watched passively at my little boy as he played with his little toy. It is a bit of sad that sometime we spent hundreds to buy some great toys for him, yet the satisfaction returned was marginally over the next “happy toy”. No wonder that McDonald was such as success.

At the entrance to the airport, we waved each other goodbye. My little boy and I checked in, and after some waiting, we boarded our plane. We found ourselves sat across the aisle from each other. Luckily a handsome young couples traveling with their two small kids happily switched their seats with us. We were finally sat next to each other and my little boy had a window seat that he could “officially” waive goodbye to Hawaii. Our plane took off in the dark and headed home.

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