Day 2 - Playa de Carmen

Date: 2007-11-10
Location: Cancun 07

We got up and got another better look at our surroundings. The ocean view was splendid. Right outside the glass door was the sitting area; there was a picnic table with chairs and two hangmatts facing the ocean. The porch was surrounded by green grass. Within the grass there was a small path. One end of it led to the swimming pool that was decorated with beautiful palm trees, another end led to the white sandy beach that led to the vast blue ocean. The view was just simply breath taking.

After explored around the area, we were ready to go. We called two taxies and rode to Playa de Carmen. The trip turned out to be longer than expected. The one way fee for one taxi was 30 US dollars plus tip. For two taxis, it was about 70 US dollars. Once we got there, it was already around noon. The two drivers suggested that we go to 5th Avenue and get something to eat. So we went there, one of the driver offered to stay for our return trip. We walked around the area and finally stopped by El Faro, a local restaurant that sat on the beach near the blue ocean. The restaurant was like a giant rectangular gazebo. It even came with the thatched roof. Only the cooking section was in an enclosed area. The restaurant overlooked the ocean, where sail boats, cruise ship, beach goers dotted around the sandy beach and the blue ocean.

Once settled down, we found the price was outrageous. A hamburger lunch plate, 135 pesos, about 13 dollars. A grill fish plate, 180 pesos, about 18 dollars. With a six adult, two kids, can sodas for drink, two appetizer for kids, fish plates for adults, the lunch cost more than 200 US dollars!

The food wasnít that good either. The portion was small and the fish was not as fresh as one expected since we sat right next to the ocean. There was only one chef, and it took us nearly two hours to just get our lunch. Overall, I really donít think it was worth the money.

There were troubadours mariachi group hassled around diners who seemed to be nothing but tourists. We declined their offer each time.

Once we left the restaurant, it was nearly the time for us to meet the driver. We had to go back and asked if the driver was willing to wait for another hour. We walked around the area. The 5th Avenue was divided into two sections. The southern end is filled with pricy shops with expensive merchandise ranging from Diesels, fancy jewel, art etc. The other end was filled with little shops resembled swap meet stands with artifacts, handcrafts, jewels, t-shirtsÖ all kind of trinkets one can image.

We purchased some t-shirts and few other things and left there. We met the drivers at the parking area. They drove us to the Samís Club nearby. The Samís Club shares many things in common as the ones in the States. We nearly felt at home, with the exception that they have very limited supply of frozen entries, baking goods, fresh milk, coffee creamer and others I usually like. To the end, we purchased some fresh fruit, a oven baked chicken, a couple boxes of paellas, a box of mini-Mexican sweet bread, and a huge box of bottled water.

Once that was done, we jumped back into the taxi and went back to our place. That was another 70 US dollars for the return trip, not counting the fact that my mother felt so sorry for the poor taxi driver who had waited us there, so she provided him with extra tips.

Back in our place, we took the kids to the swimming pool and let them swam around for a bit. We also walked around the beach a bit, picked up a quite bit of shells, corals, and rocks. The whole beach was lined with either corals that were washed ashore or the ancient fossils that hardly distinguishable from the modern corals. Corals all of types can be founded thereóbrain coral, tube coral, fan like coral, horn like coral, bee nest look coralÖ We picked a handful. Embedded in the lime stones were ancient marine lives locked in time within there. Some were huge shells that partly protruding out the its rocky imprisonment.

We followed the beach and went all the way around the coast until the next condo area was within our view. We then return to our place, warmed up the food we got from Samís Club. We had a delicious dinner and went sleep after that.

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