Day 4 - Akumal

Date: 2007-11-12
Location: Cancun 07

After yesterday’s full schedule of actions, we decided to take it easy today. My mom, my sister and I got up early today. We sneaked out before everyone else wake up and went straight to the ocean. Follow the curve of the beach, we walked leisurely and picked up some sea shells along the way. The morning air was briskly and a bit of cool. Soon enough, we had our both hands full. We had to turn back to drop off the stuff we picked up from the beach.

Once returned to the condo, we noticed that everyone was up. The little ones ran around the rooms like small dogs. We each had some breakfast, then decided to take a walk to the town Akumal along the beach front. The trip took a bit longer than we expected. The delay was mostly due to the fact we were started to looking around the beach for various interesting objects.

Akumal beach was very different from the secluded beach front we have in front of our condo. Here, stretched in front the sandy beach were tourists with perfectly tanned bodies. To our astonishment, we came across a few semi-nudist sun-bathing on the beach. It was rather embarrassing when my little one pointed that out loudly. I guess a lot of people here were European visitors. This was rather normal for them.

We passed the local famous Diving Shop and stepped into the town area. The Akumal Resort area was consisted a large hotel room complex, a visitor’s center, some shops and a handful of restaurants. I didn’t know at the time, but it also led to a well-developed housing area that lined with million dollar houses with beach front view.

At the entrance of the resort area, we recognize it was the place our driver had stopped by twice the very first day and nice gentleman had jumped into our van and took us to our lodge. We went back to the area and ate our lunch outdoor at La Cueva del Pescsdor. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining experience. The dinning tables outdoor were among the green tropical foliage. They were made of large bisection of the tree trunk. The green surrounding and the wooden table gave the place a rustic and ambient atmosphere. We sat around a large table and ordered our food. We ordered some fish tacos, chicken enchilada and some other Mexico plates.

When the waiter came by, we asked him for the hottest source available. He took out a bottle of the Mayan source that seemed to be very populate around the area and showed it to us. He informed us it wasn’t the hottest one, but pretty hot. We asked about the hottest one. He seemed a bit awe stroke and told us the other one is “very hot”. After we insisted that he should bring it out. He warned us, “it is very hot. I will have to charge you double if you can’t finish it.”

Some minutes later, he bought out a bowl of freshly cut green habeneros. The thinly slice habeneros were prepared with freshly chopped garlic, a pitch of salt and some lime juice. Strangely, the green habeneros here does not seemed to have the same level of scavio level like its yellow or red counterparts. It also lacks the fruity taste of the yellow habeneros. Overall, it is rather taste. However, it wasn’t until witnessed that both my husband and I picked a spoonful of the pepper and ate without any anticipated reactions, the helpful waiter left us to enjoy our lunch. Overall, the lunch was pretty good and the price was okay.

Once we had our food, we walked around the area a bit then went to the small grocery shop outside the gate. The stuff here probably consider pricy for locals, but was reasonable for tourists. Of course one item was really overpriced was a box of Velveeta mac and cheese, which cost about 7 dollars a box. Other stuff was more or less the price you find in the US. The place even came with an ATM machine that you can withdrew pesos. We each picked up a handful of items and headed out. Since we were carrying much more than when we arrived here, we got into two taxis and headed back.

Of course the little ones spent the rest of the day swimming in the pool. We also walked around a bit. It wasn’t until later we realized that we were hungry and the pre-cooked hamburger we bought from Sam’s turned out to be uncooked hamburger patties. I guess I should have read the label instead of just looking at the picture. My two years of Spanish in High School would had given me some ideas about the content.

My husband and I volunteered to get back to the grocery shop and get some gravy for our patties. We speed walked back from the beach side. This time, grabbed the last water melon that I had been eyeing the whole time we were there last time, and got into the taxi back to our lodge.

In our two kitchens, we cooked the hamburger patties, mac and cheese, and canned vegetable. The last watermelon from the store turned out to be a really nice one. It was juicy and sweet. We all enjoyed it.

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