Day 3 Oahu - Pearl Harbor, Temple, Nuannu Pali Lookout and Chinaman's Hat

Date: 2006-06-16
Location: Hawaii 06

We drove to Pearl Harbor Navy base. My little boy was excited to see some Navy cruisers and destroyers ducked next to the pier. We went down to the officerís housing area, walking down the green lawn to the waterfront. Here a channel of water that function as the home route for the submariners. We walked around and reminisced good old days. Then we went to the PX at Hackams Air Force Base and bought some stuff. As we drove by the familiar buildings, I remembered how I used to take evening classes here. So much has been changed for me while so little has been changed for the place.

For lunch, Kim took us to the Buddhist Vegetarian Restaurant, and we ate Dimsum there. The food was usual dimsum dishes with an exception that there wasnít any meat or seafood in these dimsum. Instead, they come with made like meat consisted of tofu, glutton, and mushrooms. They were rather good. Unfortunately, none of it pleased my little four year oldís appetite. He only picked around and ate some sticky rice. I guess it must be unnatural for little kid to become vegetarians.

After lunch, Kim took us to a Chinese temple. Near the entrance, I noticed several fragrant plants such as michelia alba, michelia figo and sweet olive were planted next to the stairs that led to the temple. Their fragrance filled the air. The place was extremely quite and besides us, I didnít see any other people. Yet I felt a strong sense of forbidden. When we get out, I was relieved that my little guy had no misbehaved in there.

Later, Kim drove us to the Pali Lookout. Either because Pali was the first place Kim took me to hiking when I first arrived Hawaii, or my husband and I spend our first date there, I always have a very strong longing for it. We drove through Old Pali Highway and I was somewhat disappointed to find our favorite hiking trail was closed due to the recent unusual amount of rainfall and the infestations of flesh eating bacteria. When we finally arrived Nuannu Pali Lookout, my spirit was further damped by the closing of Pali trail that led to the bottom of the mountain. As we approached the closed gate, we could see sections of road were covered with fallen rocks. Never the less, I couldnít help but to sneak inside the gate and snapped a picture of the old tree that sheltered my husband and me during a sudden rain shower during our first date. Despite my disappointment, my little guy had a plenty of fun running against the wind at the path. Before we could reach to our car, however, a storm broke out and Kim barely had time to open her umbrella when a sudden down pure covered the whole area.

Once the rain finally slowed, we got into the car and drove to Kualoa Point State Recreation Area. Here, we had an unobstructed view of the small cone shaped island called Chinamanís Hat. Kim tied a sling between two coconut trees as I watched Seyo chasing the waves.

About two hours before my plane suppose to take off to Kauai, we decided to drive back since it takes about 40 some minutes just to get to the airport. When we arrived the car, we were in a distress state when we realized the car key was locked inside of the car. Looking hopelessly at the set of key sitting on the driverís seat, I heart sunk further when I found out my cell phone was also locked in the trunk. We stopped a few people and asked for help. From a borrowed phone, we called the State Farm. Because the insurance company was located somewhere in the mainland, the representative obviously had no idea where Kualoa Point is, she bluntly refused to send out any help. We called the police, but were told unless there had been a fire broke out or a child had been trapped inside the car, they wouldnít send anyone out either. For the next thirty to forty minutes, we paced around the area looking for help. Maybe it was a miracle, somehow Kim was able to find a thin short iron rod on a tree branch nearby and I was able to pull over just a right guy who knows what to do. As he stuck the rod into the car and slowly pulled the lock, we all held our breath and watched. Little by little, the lock was nudged up and finally with a click, the man pulled the door opened. We all cheered. In a delightful relive, we got into the car. We waved and thanked the guy, then rushed toward the airport.

The return trip was much shorter than expected. We took H3 and arrived the terminal with some spare time. At the airport, Seyo and I waved goodbye to Kim. Upon arriving our departure gate, however, we found there was a delay with our airplane. We sat in the airport for nearly two hours before we finally took off to Lihue.

We returned to Lihue sometime after eight and had some take out food from a local restaurant.

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