Day 7 - Lagoon Yal-kul

Date: 2007-11-15
Location: Cancun 07

This was our last free day staying in Cancun. We contemplated the idea of relax and resting in our condo or go out to the local beach. Finally we all took off and got into two taxis toward the Lagoon Yal-kul. Well hidden among some most expensive houses in Playa del Carmen, the Lagoon was a popular snorkeling spot. The river from the Mayan Riviera flow into this giant natural bay, where the fresh water met and mix with the salt water. A special ecosystem formed with huge varieties of fish dwelled within the lagoon.

Nearly the edge of lagoon, we came across this strange worm like sea creature that twisted its body and its millipede-like appendages while moving in the water. If wasn’t the comfort of knowing there was a huge qualities of salt water here, I would have thought it was some kind of brightly colored leaches. It was mostly bright red and orange. The sight of it almost turned us back to the shore.

I got my snorkel gears and went into the water with my little one. The water was warm and rather comfortable. We swam around the reef and saw many schools of fish around. The largest I saw were two gray colored fish over four feet long. The smaller ones were about the size of my finger, though they were more brightly colored. Some in bright yellow with spots while some in blue with strips. Sometime I just followed them and swam side by side with them. Once we swam around a small island that most consisted of sea grapes, I found there was a small undercurrent there. The temperature of water was a bit cooler. I image here is where the river running toward the blue ocean.
We were in the water for over two hours before we got out and walked round the park. The scene was rather beautiful, with green foliage around the lagoon in various shades of blue. There were iron sculptures scattered among shrubs.

By the afternoon, we were starving. We took taxi and went back to Akumal village. Right outside the entrance gate, next to the grocery store, we ate in a small open door café which consisted of a gazebo with bar table around its three sides while one side opened to the back kitchen, which was inside the building. There were bar stools around. As a party of eight, we easily took nearly two sides of the café. Here the price of food was cheap and rather good. We could even ask for a side of freshly chopped habenero. We got a few more items and slowly went back to our hotel.

After walked around the beach one last time, we returned most of shells, fossils and corals back to the beach. At the rocky beach area, we spotted some wired creature that resembles the long extinct trilobites. They segmented bodies were black and covered with a pink Calcium-like built-up like what we seen in some of the sea-shells. Could it be related to the trilobites, we wondered.

Once we explored around enough and the little ones played enough in the pool, we gathered around for our last meal at the condo. Here we cooked whatever the left over, currently more hamburger patties, some vegetables, and Spanish rice. Upon finishing our food, we went back to our rooms and finished packing. With an unsettling feeling, we slept.

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