Day 5 - Balbao Park and Medieval Time

Date: 2008-05-26
Location: California 08

We spent the morning in San Diego, visiting the Balbao Park. It just happened that the Natural History Museum was hosting "A Day in Pompeii". We had a chance to see the artifacts from the ancient Roman city as well as some of those casts of victims. A couple of them were indeed sad to look at. One was the struggling dog and the other was the display of a dying couples-the man reached out as if he was trying to shield the woman's face from the falling ash. Their body locked together in their last moment.
Lunch time we went to the Tea House, which overlooks the Balbao Park. We ate some sushi and noodle there. Then we took off and drove toward Anahaim. We arrived there in the afternoon. We checked in the hotel then visited the Medieval Time. The dinner was quite differnt. While the sworesmen entertained us with live action drama, we ate chicken with our hands. I guess no silverware, everyting was served in the old fasion way.

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