Day 4 - Snowed

Date: 2008-12-19
Location: Santa Fe 08

It snowed and snowed all night. When we looked outside the windows the next day, we were shocking to see there was a few feet of snow covered the ground. The white beautiful snow changed the appearance of the city of Santa Fe.

As we tried to chip and shavel our way down the hill, disaster happened. We found the ground was slippery and we coudln't hardly walk a few step without fallen. All of us suffered several falls. My mom, however, suffered most. She broke her right wraist bone during one of her fall. She didn't tell us about it until we were nearly home, which was about five hours later. I rushed her to the emergency, where they put a cast for her. But all the specialists were off to Christmas, we wouldn't be able to do much about it until after holiday break.

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